Support Us

Support Us

Creating, researching and producing any form of content takes time. A lot of this is the few hours of my free time after a long day of working towards paying my bills.

But I love what I do. And I wish to stay advertisement-free. So I will never put a hefty price tag on something I create out of my passion.

This is just a simple gesture for my time. It will also provide me with a better understanding of whether you enjoy what I create. Definitely a motivation to take on more projects with time.

Finally, I am also supported by a small team, that is working with me to enhance this experience for you. I have absolutely no experience in building or designing a website. So I would love to be able to provide them compensation at some point for the hours they put into @docmfrank.

Feel free to support me, my work and my team in whatever way works best for you.

If you have absolutely any queries you can reach me at [email protected]

Dr. Michelle Frank
Dr. Michelle Frank
Unconventional Doctor|Health Advocate|Spare-time Doodler|Classic Rock Enthusiast|Avid Seeker of Happiness
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