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Building an online space where women are prioritising their health

Building an online space where women are prioritising their health

Growing the SHEROES Health community from 5000 women to over 500,000 women happens through just one basic ingredient — TRUST.

The SHEROES health network is one of high trust and empathy; women from all walks of life get on to the SHEROES platform to pursue multiple goals, one of which is to inquire about their innate health and well being.

To enable women to put forth their personal queries, it has been vital to foster a non-judgmental safe space. Here are the 8 pillars of a health online ecosystem for women, one that SHEROES has successfully built.

Pillar 1: Accessibility

The SHEROES platform is available at the fingertips of any woman with a smartphone via the SHEROES app. As soon as she signs up, she gains access to a unique health ecosystem. She has access to a variety of health experts (general physicians, gynecologists, nutritionists, psychologists), practical health tips and a community of enthused women who support one another with their health concerns.

Pillar 2: Availability

As a health expert on SHEROES platform, I learned that women respond well to an online community when they know that there is someone they can trust, available for them. Answering medical queries in real time, on a daily basis, helps to retain this level of trust. Women often open up to women. They also tend to share more when they receive the response they are looking for. While responding, empathy is essential.

Pillar 3: Awareness

In the health space, women’s health has some startling statistics. Pap smears, mammograms, sexual health, menstruation are still cloaked topics of discussion. A woman’s health should be one of her main priorities. Raising awareness has shown to increase engagement, as many women begin to put forth their experiences and queries on the same.

Some easy ways to do this is to create posts relating to issues on women’s health that require more awareness. Another would be onboarding Champions in various domains of women’s health that can be advocates for these causes. SHEROES Champions pay it forward by sharing their knowledge and triggering conversations around their expertise. Creating awareness has been pivotal to the growth of this health community.

Pillar 4: Engagement

Women respond well when they receive appreciation for what they do. In an online health ecosystem, women are encouraged to assist each other through their experiences with regards to their general health and well being.

Home remedies, lifestyle changes, exercise regimes are known to be the cornerstones to tackling several health conditions. Women share their testimonials on how these worked wonders for them, which in turn builds the voice of the community.

Pillar 5: Weekly Live Sessions

For any growing online ecosystem, a key tool is hosting live sessions. This not only assesses the temperament of the community but also assists with getting valuable data on the questions the community puts out. Which in turn helps to tailor the content within the community. This increases the authenticity of an online health ecosystem.

Pillar 6: Support

This doesn’t only include expert advice but also involves peer-to-peer interaction. Every woman on SHEROES platform has a unique identity. She carries this with her to the community. This can be a weight loss journey, pregnancy, questions about a medical ailment or the first time she uses a menstrual cup. This individuality creates the essence of the community. How each member in the community interacts with her on her journey, helps to build her support system.

Pillar 7: Domains Within The Ecosystem

When working on building an ecosystem it is essential to have more than one avenue through which its members can access assistance and information. On SHEROES there is a dedicated chat-based helpline that has experienced counselors tackling any issue from general health to legal matters that might impact a woman’s well-being. It is accessible via the SHEROES app.

Recently SHEROES also launched a period tracker which enables women to routinely track and monitor their periods. This is a great tool to gather information regarding the regularity of menstrual cycles, days of fertility as well as delayed cycles. Women can also look back on previous cycles to predict their general menstrual health to plan a pregnancy or decide which is the best method of contraception for them.

Pillar 8: A Reason To Come Back

Finally, a successful platform is one where individuals come back for more. SHEROES is a hub for women where she can seek advice, grow her community and interact with like-minded women. She knows that if she comes to the SHEROES health community she will receive expert advice, get updated on the latest health tips, and can share her latest insights on general health and well being.

Women’s health is a growing domain, and the need for online platforms is vital. Technology has enabled a bridge in the gap between individuals and their health needs. Today, through health-focused platforms, like SHEROES, women can talk to health experts and receive medical advice and in turn focus more attention on their health and well being. Ultimately, the approach to growth and fostering such an ecosystem is trust and empathy.

Dr. Michelle Frank
Dr. Michelle Frank
Unconventional Doctor|Health Advocate|Spare-time Doodler|Classic Rock Enthusiast|Avid Seeker of Happiness
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